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I have had a passion for storytelling for as long as I can remember: writing, drawing, designing my own graphic novels, and writing audio dramas, eventually developing into a cohesive interest in film as a medium.

I started my career working for small production companies in the United States, simultaneously taking several training courses to bolster my skills. During a backpacking trip through Europe, I fell in love with Berlin's creative art culture. I moved there the following year to obtain a BA in Film Production, with plans to move back home after completing the three-year course. But I couldn't tear myself from the city I've grown to know so well and settled here to work as a freelancer.

Specialising in event photography and videography,​ documenting dance performances, concerts, festivals, theater pieces, and creative content to promote other artists.


2018 - 2021

Catalyst Film School

Berlin, Germany

B. A. in Film Production

Graduated with First Class Honours


Mirandum Pictures Production Company

Virginia, USA

Film Internship and Gaffer’s Assistant

under Mike Powell and Colin Mason

October 2016

MetFilm University

Berlin, Germany

Certificate Short Intensive Filmmaking Course

by Silvia Beck

November 2016

Regent University

Virginia, USA

Certificate Film & TV Training Seminar for PAs

by Gloriana Wills

W1P Studios

Gemme Atelier 

Chaos Emblematic


United Networks

Berlin Strippers Collective


d|part Research

GISMA Business School Germany

Catalyst Music Berlin

University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Tomorrow University


Roxy Rawson



Anastasia Patsouri 

Sister Clara Space Nun


Æ Music

Alien Grace 



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